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Recorded: 2019/12/06 Released: 2019/05/03

Randy and Jim about the perspectival nature of quanta, the Unruh effect, which says that for highly accelerated systems, additional particles and temperature will be seen.


1. The papers we read for this program:

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3. Books discussed on this podcast:
  • A. Franklin and Fischbach, E., The Rise and Fall of the Fifth Force, 2nd Ed. (2015). Discusses the history of a previously hypothesized "fifth force" of nature, this creating a medium-range correction to gravity. [Amazon]

4. Unfortunately I couldn't find a link to the "Construct Your Own Atom Smasher" article, but I did find references to it. I knew it wasn't just my imagination because I snuck into the University of Denver's library to find it in 1990-1992 timeframe (when a friend mentioned it), but I was expecting someone had put it up on the web. I'll try to remember to look later in the week.

Thanks to Bill Edrington for finding an on-line copy of The Scientific American Book of Projects for the Amateur Scientist [pdf] (1960), which included the article "A Homemade Atom Smasher" on page 344. You should probably refrain from writing F.B. Lee for assistance in locating parts for the project. The address is out of date. [Amazon]

5. For some reason I got mixed up between K decays and the g-2 value of the muon. The discrepancy in the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon between theory and experiment was discovered in 2001. [arXiv]

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