Monday, July 5, 2021

The Hubble Crisis

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Recorded: 2021/01/07 Released: 2021/07/05

Randy and Jim the differences between measurements in the Hubble constant and some proposals to resolve the issue.
------------------------------------------- Notes:

1. The papers we read for this program:
2. Related Episodes of Physics Frontiers:
3. Wendy Freedman recently published this article about the same topic, which some people say resolves the tension (It came out in the arXiv in June, we recorded in January, so it wasn't included). After going through it this weekend (7/17-18), I don't think it makes as strong a conclusion as the press made out, but it is worth reading, even at 48 pages. 4. Please visit and comment on our subreddit, YouTube Channel and if you can help us keep this going by contributing to our Patreon, we'd be grateful.
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