Sunday, November 20, 2022

Flavor Unification with Joe Davighi

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Recorded: 2022/08/23 Released: 2022/11/20

Jim talks with Joe Davighi about gauge flavor unification. Joe's work is on a set of gauge theories that unify the various generations of leptons at high energies. We discuss gauge symmetries, symmetry breaking, and so on, as well as some implications of his work including leptoquarks and proton stability.
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1. The article that we discussed in this program:
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3. The book I mention, Georgi's Lie Algebras in Particle Physics [Amazon]. 4. If you'd like to know more about Joe Davighi, I have some additional questions not about flavor unification on YouTube. 5. Please visit and comment on our subreddit, YouTube Channel, or Twitter account. These are also places to look for announcements of new episodes and the like. And if you could help us keep this going by contributing to our Patreon, we'd be grateful.
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