Sunday, August 14, 2022

Optical Gravity with Matthew R. Edwards

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Recorded: 2022/07/20 Released: 2022/08/14

Jim talks to Matthew R. Edwards about optical gravity. Matthew's theory of gravity is a Le Sage model, one that envisions space-time as a dispersive medium made of graviton filaments.
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1. The article that we discussed in this program:
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4. Books mentioned on the program:
  • Pushing Gravity: New perspectives on Le Sage's theory of gravitation, Matthew R. Edwards (ed.), Amazon
  • The Expanding Earth: Some Consequences of Dirac's Gravitation Hypothesis, Pasqual Jordan. Amazon
5. If you'd like to know more about Matthew Edwards, I have some additional questions not about optical gravity on YouTube. I ask him about his background, how he decides to research something, and his experiences in publishing. 6. Please visit and comment on our subreddit, YouTube Channel, or Twitter account. These are also places to look for announcements of new episodes and the like. And if you could help us keep this going by contributing to our Patreon, we'd be grateful.
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