Sunday, August 20, 2023

The Measurement Problem with Nick Ormrod and V. Vilasini

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Recorded: 2023/07/17 Released: 2023/08/20

Jim talks with Nick Ormrod and V. Vilasini about their use of categorical probability theory to study the measurement problem of quantum mechanics. They use the CPT to analyze a no-go theorem to see where there are weaknesses in the underlying structure of quantum mechanics without referring to particular mathematical formualtions of the subject, allowing them to show that the measurement problem comes from difficulties in our understanding of the evolution of quantum states or the way we interpret measurements.
------------------------------------------- Notes:

1. The article that we discussed in this program:
  • Ormrod, N., V. Vilasini, and J. Barrett, "Which Theories Have a Measurement Problem?" (2023) [arXiv]
2. Other papers referred to in this podcast:
  • N. Ormrod and J. Barrett, "A No-Go Theorem for Absolute Observed Events Without Inequalities or Modal Logic." [arXiv]
  • V. Vilasini and M. P. Woods, "A General Framework for Consistent Logical Reasoning in Wigner's Friend Scenarios: Subjective Perspectives of Agents Within a Single Quantum Circuit." [arXiv]
  • Maudlin, T., "Three Measurement Problems." Topoi 14 7 (1995).
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